Dan in Japanese means boy as well as warn. That's also the spirit we we want to delivery to our customer, we are  the Warm Boy Sushi Master. We have very friendly management and staff team which are constantly working together to deliver the freshest and top quality sushi to our customers.

Our head chef has 30+ years experience on Japanese crusin  serving sushi is a labour of love between our chefs and our customers.


Sushi Dan is a brand new and dynamic sushi restaurant located in Chatswood Mandarin Centre which is the heart of Chatswood. 

Sushi Dan used local delivered fresh food daily to ensure our food quality. We have bonded by our love of classical sushi as well as special menu that is full of flavours including: Maki Roll, Sushi Box, Sashimi & Salad, Inari, Nigiri and Sushi Platters. Sushi Dan signature dishes  Wagyu Beef Tataki, Aburi Golden Phoenix Roll, Lobster Mentaiyaki are highly rated and the all kind of undo and sashimi lunch set are equally popular.